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An introduction to the Cellnovo system

The Cellnovo system is the world’s first mobile diabetes management system, comprised of a symphony of connected products, including an insulin patch pump, activity monitor, cellular enabled wireless touchscreen handset with integrated blood glucose meter and automatic connectivity to the cloud.

Like those who face diabetes every day, we recognise the considerable task of managing the disease and the relentless vigilance it demands from all involved.

By combining popular mobile technologies with advanced medical systems we have developed a new, simply connected, approach to treating diabetes. Our approach aims to reduce the burden of diabetes management while also simplifying the achievement of diabetic control.

The Cellnovo system has three core parts. The first is a highly-accurate, slim and discreet insulin pump that also features an integrated activity monitor to track and record exercise. The pump connects wirelessly to an app-based touch-screen handset, which is the second part, and the brain of the system. The handset features an integral blood glucose monitor and a mobile data connection to the third part of the system; a comprehensive and secure web-based clinical

management tool. The handset automatically records insulin dose, exercise and blood glucose while also capturing diet information. All this is achieved in real time, and is immediately delivered to the clinic over a secure mobile web connection.

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